Redditaisai 2018 is up!

Online Touhou Convention

The next edition will take place on the 28th of July 2018.

You can already signup as creator, as usual.

We hope to see even more of you attend this new edition.

Once more, thanks again for your continued support !

The second Redditaisai took place on the 29th of July 2017, you discovered dozens of touhou content, ranging from illustrations to music, going via fangames.

Thanks to the success of the first edition, Redditsai will take place again this year. If you plan on showing off your creation there, you can already signup as creator

We hope to see again on this date !

Thank you so much for attending the first Redditaisai !

All fanwork released for the first Redditaisi event can be viewed on this post.

More touhou content can be found on the touhou subreddit.

Gensokyo radio broadcasted a 2 hours long live redditaisai themed block. You'll be able to find the replay of this block on mixcloud.

For everyone who loves Touhou but can't attend real life events, Redditaisai is the place to quench your Touhou thirst.

The friendly touhou community on Reddit is organizing its first online convention the 16th of July 2016. You're welcome to present your creation or come and visit others' production.

Posting started at 00:00 PST (i.e. 07:00 UTC, 09:00 CET or 16:00 JST) on the touhou subreddit itself.